Let the shopping begin…

We are booked for our flight back to Bangkok. Time to get some shopping done before we leave. Ugh, we leave in only a few short days. I’m sad to see it end, but it will be nice to get back home to the dogs (and apparently our new roommates, Toril and Eddie!)


Rest & Relaxation

Checked in to a beach resort last night in Koh Samui to get some well need R&R. Spent two nights in Koh Tao enjoying the beaches, snorkeling and sunsets. It’s an amazing island with crazy snorkeling right off the beaches. Ventured to remote beaches with the scooter down windy little paths to see some amazing coral reefs. Stayed in the most amazing beach bungalow! Now getting some down time before we head back to Bangkok (and to hopefully kick Chad’s cold that he caught). Here is just a taste of some of the photos.





We are still on the move…

Spent the night in Railay Beach enjoying the sunset. Now taking a 6 hour treck to Koh Tao. Wifi has been difficult as Railey was pretty remote but will upload pictures soon. Off to snorkel on the beach and work our way back through Ko Phangan to Koh Samui and then fly back to Bangkok. It has been quite the adventure…I just wish we had more time!!

Ko Phi Phi

Spent one night at a beach resort in phuket and decided to venture out to the islands. Took a ferry to Ko Phi Phi, a small island with nothing but bicycles and long tail boats. Thinking about doing a long tail snorkel tour out to The Beach were the movie was filmed and is the photo on this blog.

And we are off again…

Spent the day pampering ourselves and planning our next adventure. Got our first fish pedicure and Thai massage. I had no idea what is was in for with a Thai massage but it felt amazing especially after lugging our packs around for the past week. And I can’t complain about the price at only $6.50!!! Now we are awaiting our flight to Phuket to start our island tour. Made the tough decision to skip Pai as although we are only a just a week in to the trip, the time is going fast!!





All in a days work…

Started the day off with a journey north of Chiang Mai to the Tiger Kingdom where saw a lion and played with tigers. When I say ‘played’ I mean we actually played with them one on one, even four month old tigers. It was bitter sweet as it was hard to see them caged up as they were, but it was an incredible experience. Next we journeyed on to the elderly elephant care center where we played and fed bananas to the elephants. Then it was back to the city for a Thai cooking class.

We will sleep well to tonight! But first another adventure in to the night life scene…