Our trip has come to an end

After 3 weeks of traveling, our trip has come to a close. We spend our last night in Bangkok on the Kings Birthday. Our departure, you could say… is bitter sweet in many ways. We don’t want to leave but also can’t wait to have our own bed and see our pups. We have experienced so many things in 3 weeks, way more than I thought we would. There were highs and lows, but experiencing them is what makes the memories. Michelle and I both agree we wouldn’t change any of the choices we made. Without the bad experiences, the good ones wouldn’t have been as good as they were. The culture and diversity from the two countries we visited was truly amazing; from snorkeling in tropical islands of Koh Tao Thailand to playing Frogger in the fast paced city of Saigon Vietnam, I feel like we did it all.

We traveled a ton on this trip, not staying anywhere for more than 3 nights. With that amount of traveling, it took energy, time and money. Put it this way, we will be in Bangkok international airport a total of 5 times by the end of this trip. Having said that, we saw many towns and cities by boat, plane, both road and water taxi’s, tuk tuk’s, foot, scooters and trains… we used every transportation resource we could to get to each destination.

We have tons of photos but wifi was hard to come by in many of the places and we had to pay for it most times (if it even worked) so we will share the photos when we get home. We have some good ones so we are excited to share.

I’d like to say it’s back to reality tomorrow but truth is, I think we are leaving it. We both won’t forget this trip, we learned a lot and had a blast!!



4 thoughts on “Our trip has come to an end

  1. I have so enjoyed following your adventures! Thanks for making the effort to post photos and comments. I’m sad your trip is ending too; your daily posts have made my morning coffee hour so fun!! Safe travel home.


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